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We produce natural and natural based hair and beauty products. 

NutraGanics is a mash up of the words Nutraceutical and Organic. And we endeavour to stay close to this orgin in all our products we manufacture. We are a Nutraceutical Farm and natural cosmetic manufacturer specializing in the cultivation and production of non-traditional plants, and plant by- products used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and processed food industries. These plants include but are not limited to Aloe Vera, Peppermint, and Lemon Grass. These plants are cultivated on fourteen acres of traditional family farmland in Glengoffe St. Catherine. The terrain consists of a mixture of sharp and gentle undulating slopes, with the lower end of the property bordering on the Cassava River; a slow flowing perpetual river that joins with Wag Water River in St. Andrew.

The Farm started operation in September 2012 with the planting of Lemon grass. Since then the farm continues to grow and now boasts Aloe Vera and Peppermint,  as additional cultivars.In the near future we expect to also cultivate Rosemary, Sage Lavender, Basil and Thyme.

NutraGanics' flagship product is pure Aloe extract that is supplied to local natural hairstylists, niche cosmetic suppliers as well as individuals. We have since branched out to produce natural and natural based cosmetics, such as our low sulfate aloe vera shampoo, sulfate free aloe vera shampoo, conditioner, Body wash, Facewash, Aloe vera Lotion, Aloe Gel, Aloe Shea Hair and Body Butter as well as an Aloe Vera Soap.  The equipment and methodology is currently being developed to diversify into the production of hydrosols of various types, both as an additive to the Aloe gel and as a stand alone product.

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