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Aloe, a sturdy succulent that grows in warm climates, is one of the most well known ingredients in natural skin care.  Its cooling, moisturizing properties make it popular in formulations that are meant to soothe, quench, and replenish dry or damaged skin and hair.  It is often found in sunburn treatments, calming masks, and hair gels.

Aloe vera gel is the simplest of Aloe ingredients, being plainly juice from the plant.  Contrary to the name, Aloe Vera Gel actually has a consistency closer to water than to jelly.

The succulent aloe vera plant is considered as a miraculous plant due to its amazing health benefits and healing properties.


Lemongrass is a perennial plant with thin, long leaves and is indigenous to India and other areas of the Asian continent including Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. It is also common in Ceylon, Central America, China, Guatemala, India, Java, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, the West Indian islands and Zambia. There are more than fifty varieties of lemongrass but not all are suitable for consumption or medical use. The lemongrass plant usually reaches heights of three feet or one meter and is found mainly in the wild.



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